YMCA Mission: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

Families spend less time together than they did twenty-five years ago.

The Response - Your gift helps to ensure that a family can come to the Y together and enjoy fun, healthy activities at a price they can afford. For families experiencing job loss, chronic illness, divorce or death, financial assistance is available for a Y membership. Kids can play; adults can work out, stay connected and find the support they need. Your gift of $150 will keep a family involved at the Y for three months during a crisis.

Healthy Lifestyles

The Need - Our nation is waging a battle with obesity. The costs include less productivity, higher medical expenses, and – tragically – a shorter lifespan for children than their parents.

The Response - Your gift helps to ensure that kids and adults can workout, learn about eating healthy, and engage in other activities that promote a balanced lifestyle. At the Y, people find the encouragement they need to achieve their goals. Your gift of $275 will provide a teen with access to wellness opportunities for one year.

Older Adults

The Need - The vital network of social support for older adults tends to decrease through loss of mobility, death of spouse and friends, and lack of on-the-job interaction.

The Response - The YMCA of Greater Richmond serves more than 500 individuals who are 65 and over. For some older adults, poverty and chronic illness have brought isolation. These individuals benefit from exercise, nutrition education, and arts classes offered by the Y. Most importantly, the Y helps older adults find the support they need to live healthy and happy lives. Your gift of $60 provides for two months of water exercise class for a person who suffers from arthritis pain.